eco friendly fast food packaging

Eco-friendly fast food packaging for restaurants

Sustainable practices are a growing trend in many businesses, including restaurants, as consumers increasingly seek more responsible alternatives. Restaurants strive to reduce their environmental impact by adopting sustainable practices in…

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ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications

Diligence leads to Carccu® being certified for its sustainability and quality promise “This is the result of continuous, systematic improvement” – Lasse Borg, CEO of Carccu

Carccu®, the Sastamala-based Finnish paper packaging manufacturer, has long been a champion for sustainability and high quality. This hard work is now bearing fruit. The company has recently been awarded…

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Carccu paper rolls

Thousands of industrial paper rolls were set for landfill as a result of the Russia-Ukraine War – thankfully, Finnish eco paper specialist Carccu lived up to its circular economy principles by redirecting this waste-bound consignment to a French buyer

Carccu, a Finnish packaging materials company based in Sastamala, is not currently manufacturing or delivering orders coming from Russia. This recently left the export-focused company with a consignment of 18,000…

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