Custom Printed Packaging Materials

Custom Printed Packaging Materials

Strengthen your brand through printed paper packaging materials

Packaging design and printing play an important part in every company’s brand – they are the first thing customers notice about your product. Printing that reflects the product, the company’s brand and its values ensures that your product stands out from your competitors. Packaging and printing also give a high-quality first impression, effectively communicating your brand message and images and motivating customers in their purchasing decision process.

Make sure you choose the right partner for your packaging materials supplier

We have almost 50 years of experience in flexographic printing, which is one of the most common printing methods used with various food packaging and other packaging materials. We always use high-quality inks that meet Swiss Ordinance materials standards and utilise computer-assisted ink mixing technology. By using high-quality inks, we also protect the environment and avoid harmful VOC emissions.

Packaging materials and prints for all needs

Together, we always find the right paper bag, wrapping paper, flower paper, or other packaging for your needs. We then add the finishing touches through our truly stand-out printing!
Printing is available on all our products including:

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