Printed packaging papers for WollReich Haslital

Branded packaging papers for WollReich Haslital

Swiss WollReich Haslital is an agricultural business specializing in sheep, known particularly for its certified wool  for stuffing pillows and duvets. Carccu® provided WollReich Haslital with packaging papers for their products, featuring custom prints aligned with the company’s brand. The print created with a flexographic printing process was designed in collaboration with the client and includes the company’s sheep logo.

The people at WollReich Haslital are pleased with the collaboration.

“We are very satisfied with the quality of Carccu®’s paper. Carccu is a cordial partner and working with them is really easy,” a company representative says.

Located in the Haslital area, WollReich Haslital not only produces wool and wool products but also supplies lamb meat to local restaurants and offers tourism services, such as felting courses and accommodation. The family business, led by Ruth and Heinz Brog, is committed to sustainability and traditional Alpine farming methods, and it has been awarded for agricultural and innovation excellence.