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The best packaging partner for your brand – Carccu®

Your Expert Partner in Eco-Paper Packaging

Carccu works with you to find the best packaging solution for your brand – one that is cost-effective and truly distinctive.

Together, the printing and design of product packaging are an important part of any company’s brand, as they are the first thing customers interact with. Printing that reflects your brand values ensures that your products stand out. The packaging and its printing give a high-quality first impression while communicating the messages you want and evoking the right images and direct buying signals.

Make sure to choose the right partner for your packaging materials supplier. We at Carccu® have almost 50 years of experience in flexographic printing, which is one of the most common printing methods used with various food packaging and other packaging materials. We always use high-quality inks that meet Swiss Ordinance materials standards and utilise computer-assisted ink mixing technology. By using high-quality inks, we also protect the environment and avoid harmful VOC emissions.

Our materials knowledge is unrivalled: we know precisely which qualities make paper a top-class product, and we always provide professional advice and a premium customer service experience.
Our sustainable foundations allow us to operate responsibly and ethically. We use modern flexographic printing equipment and steadfast expertise and are also actively creating better packaging options to replace the less environmentally friendly alternatives. Our extensive product range includes environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. All in all, we want to be a pioneer of genuinely environmentally-friendly practices and take the environment into account in all our activities – from start to finish.

Flower Packaging Papers

Beautiful floral papers for packaging flower deliveries. EPP-Pack Oy / Carccu® is the leading manufacturer of flower packaging papers in the Nordic countries.

Food Packaging

We are a Finnish pioneer in high-quality food packaging. Our in-house production and printing facilities are capable of supplying a range of food papers for serving, packing, and storage purposes.

Paper Bags With Handles and Paper Bags Without Handles

Paper bags without handles for food packaging.
Paper bags with handles with bespoke company branding.

Gift Packaging

Gift wrapping and cellophane.