ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications

Diligence leads to Carccu® being certified for its sustainability and quality promise “This is the result of continuous, systematic improvement” – Lasse Borg, CEO of Carccu

Carccu®, the Sastamala-based Finnish paper packaging manufacturer, has long been a champion for sustainability and high quality. This hard work is now bearing fruit. The company has recently been awarded the IS0 9001 quality management system certificate and the ISO 14001 environmental certificate.

“The certifications provide us with the ideal tools to develop and support our continued activities in these areas. This recognition is the result of continuous, systematic improvement. But the work doesn’t stop when the certificates are hanging in frames on the wall. For our customers, they are not only a sign of quality but also of trust,” says CEO Lasse Borg.

The company has long been committed to manufacturing environmentally friendly packaging materials using sustainable production methods. Very much in line with its circular economy principles, the company recycles waste generated through its production processes and has found new ways to save energy. Ecology and corporate responsibility principles have steered the company’s operations for many years.

“A requirement for businesses to sort waste came into force in Finland in July 2021. In fact, we’ve being doing the right things even before it became a legal mandate – all we needed to do was ensure we had our labeling on point. These kinds of sustainability and quality assurance policies have long been in the works at Carccu, and the recent addition of third-party certifications is the final seal of approval,” Borg explains.


Carccu® is a Finnish flexographic printing company specialising in customised and ecological paper packaging solutions. In addition to packaging papersfood packaging, and flower wrapping paper, the company’s products also include a wide range of other packaging materials. Not only is Carccu committed to ethically sustainable and responsible business practices, but also to producing products that meet strict quality and environmental criteria. The company has a long tradition of export trade. For nearly 50 years, the Carccu® story has and continues to be one of Finnish entrepreneurship and a passion for finding the packaging solution that best supports our customers’ brands and makes the most economic sense.