printed paper bags

Branded paper bags with handles

Packing products in paper bags with bespoke printing helps them truly stand out.

Branded paper bags offer businesses the opportunity to raise the profile of their brand, ecologically and distinctively. As an agile Finnish printing house, we supply both smaller companies and larger retail stores.

Our standard product range includes paper bags in several colour options, and we can also produce bags that are precisely tailored to your company’s branding and colour scheme. The minimum order for logo-printing is 1,000 bags. Small, single-colour batches can be printed on our ready-made range of bag for express delivery! For larger batches, we use a high-quality European supply partner.

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The environment comes first

Consumers increasingly prefer paper packaging to the plastic alternatives, which are more harmful to the environment. Not only do paper bags help you reduce your carbon footprint, but they also effectively communicate your company’s values. A paper bag is also a sleeker, more durable, and higher quality alternative for packing goods than a plastic bag.

It is easy to pack gifts and groceries in a paper bag. Flat handles ensure that our paper bags are comfortable to carry and strong enough to be used again and again. Check out our online store to see the full range of size and colour options for your paper bags to best meet the needs of your brand. You can also order paper bags from us with your own individual print, such as your own logo, so that they stand out from your competitors and are fondly remembered by your customers.

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Paper bags in all colours – with or without branding

Brown or white paper bag? You decide – the Carccu® range has paper bags for companies in all colours! Our bags come in traditional black, white, and brown paper, as well as bright and rich red, pink, green, yellow, orange, and gentle pastel shades, too. Coloured paper bags can also be ordered with your own logo or print, or as plain coloured versions without patterns or prints.

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How much do you need?

If you need a large quantity or want products with logo printing, please contact our sales team.

If you need small quantities and don’t need your logo printed, the quickest way is to buy from our online shop.

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The Carccu story

The Carccu® story is one of Finnish entrepreneurship and a passion for finding the most efficient packaging solution to support our customers’ brands. The company’s current name is derived from the small village community of Karkku located near the Finnish town of Sastamala in the Rautavesi national landscape. Olli Borg, who is still involved in the company’s operations, assembled the first printing press at EPP-Pack Oy’s premises at the Karkku site in the 1980s.

What came next is an eminent part of Finnish flexographic printing history, and, today, we develop our business feet firmly on the ground and our eyes focused on the future. From the beginning, Carccu has also focused on the international market, which has resulted in a long tradition of export trade. Over the years, pioneering vision and innovation have made our company Finland’s leading printing house specializing in customized packaging solutions.

Even though the world has changed, some things remain the same at Carccu – a love of entrepreneurship and a desire to understand the pressing business needs of our customers.

“We are grateful for our roots as a family business, which has been operating for half a century, and for the work of previous generations of entrepreneurs. We also cherish the heritage of handicraft in our work, and our highly dedicated workers have years of solid experience and exceptional technical expertise,” says Lasse Borg, CEO and fourth-generation entrepreneur.

Why Carccu?

Carccu works with you to find the best packaging solution for your brand – one that is cost-effective and truly distinctive. Our materials knowledge is unrivalled. We know precisely which qualities make paper a top-class product and only use the best raw materials in our products, and our extensive product range ensures we always match the right material for each type of product packaging. On top of that, we always provide professional advice and a premium customer service experience.

Our sustainable foundations allow us to operate responsibly and ethically. As a global player, we constantly monitor international developments, best practices, and legislative changes in our industry.  We use modern flexographic printing equipment and our steadfast expertise. We are also actively creating better packaging options to replace the less environmentally friendly alternatives and want to be a pioneer of genuinely environmentally-friendly practices. Our extensive product range includes environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. We favour fossil-free energy, reuse as much surplus material as possible, and promote the circular economy. We take the environment into account in all our activities – from start to finish.




Overall recycling rate 99 %


The major part of our production waste is recycled or reprocessed into new products. Waste that cannot be recycled is incinerated to produce heat and electricity.


66% of our waste is recycled into new products


We keep materials in circulation as long as possible. Our waste paper is used to make new paper for our paper sleeves.


100% fossil-free electricity


We save energy with LED lighting and use climate-neutral, fossil-free electricity. We constantly look for new energy-saving opportunities.


Environmentally friendly inks


We use only environmentally friendly, high-quality water-based inks to print our packaging.


The best packaging partner for your brand


We'll find the packaging solution that best supports your brand, is economical and truly distinctive.


Problems are made to be solved


Our extensive expertise, product development support and no-compromise service guarantee solutions.


Decades of experience and state-of-the-art expertise


We are a global, innovative player, with dedicated employees and modern equipment. We constantly monitor developments, good practices and legislation in the field.


Large and versatile raw-material stocks


We deliver even large quantities quickly. Our world-class knowledge of materials allows us to identify what properties within a paper make it a premium product.